Jose Manuel Sandoval Chavez

Guadalajara, Jalisco. Mexico ·

Software engineer with experience in embedded systems and software development, committed to develop good quality software and accustomed to good practices and processes of software engineering.

I consider myself a disciplined professional with a high motivation for learning about new technologies.

Professional Experience

System Validation & QA Engineer


The team is focused on the enablement of new HW & SW components to validate Non-Volatile mass storage products and provides QA support for the test content used for the validation of these products. My role involves enabling of new HW used for validation, automating the integration of new SW components and QA related tasks like enabling the infrastructure to automatically test the integration of multiple SW components.

June 2023 - Present

Non-Volatile Storage Group System Validation Engineer


The team is focused on the validation of Non-Volatile mass storage products. My role involves the creation of test content, implementing test cases, debugging test content failures and supporting the automation framework used for validation.

Feb 2019 - June 2023

Network Platforms Group SW and System Validation Engineer


The team was focused on the enabling and validation of a hardware accelerator module, used for compression, encryption and cipher operations, which is part of high-performance server products/processors. As part of the team my main focus was helping on the creation of device drivers and software in C/C++ and Python that could enable an OS to use and validate this specialized hardware accelerator module. My main role was as a C/C++ SW developer responsible of supporting the existing software projects and applications used for validation besides developing new SW modules to enable features and new validation use cases.

June 2015 - Dec 2017

Audio and Accessories Embedded Software Developer / Engineer


The team was focused on developing software for audio applications and also on enabling the creation of general smartphone consumer accessories. During this period, I worked on the following projects:

  • Homekit over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) software stack for Freescale's microcontrollers. I was part of a team developing a software stack that could enable the creation of home-automation accessories intended to be controlled by Apple devices using BLE as a transport.

  • Freescale Connected Audio Solution Project which intended to provide a software stack to create consumer audio accessories. In this project I was responsible for integrating and supporting a software stack that enabled the communication with Apple devices.
August 2014 - May 2015

Internship - Freescale Audio and Accessories SW Development Group Intern


The main project was to develop a software stack that could interface Freescale's microcontrollers with any iPod, iPad or iPhone over USB using MFi (Made For iPod) protocol to enable the creation of audio or general-purpose accessories. A solution that interfaced these devices and supported the creation of bare-metal and RTOS applications was successfully implemented.

August 2013 - August 2014


Electronics Engineering

Western Institute of Technology and Higher Education

Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Occidente (ITESO)
August 2009 - May 2014

Knowledge & Skills

Programming Languages & Tools
  • Decent knowledge and professional experience in C, C++ and Python.
  • Basic and fundamentals knowledge in, Java, JavaScript, HTML5, MATLab and Assembly.
  • Object Oriented Programming Fundamentals.
  • Software Design, Development and Debugging.
  • Linux fundamentals, Makefiles and recipe creations, Bash and scripting basics.
  • Full-stack Web Development Fundamentals.
  • Embedded Systems and Microcontrollers.
  • Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS) Fundamentals.
  • Digital Design and Hardware Description Languages (HDLs) Fundamentals. Verilog and SystemVerilog

Awards & Certifications

Second Place Winner of the Freescale Cup Autonomous Intelligent Car Mexico Race
Jalisco, Mexico 2013
Participant in the Worldwide Freescale Cup Autonomous Intelligent Car Race
LFS101x.2, Introduction to Linux
LinuxFoundationX edX 2015
Microsoft DEV210.3x: Advanced C++
MS edX 2018
HarvardX CS50: CS50's Introduction to Computer Science
HarvardX edX 2018
UTAustinX UT.6.20x: Embedded Systems - Shape The World: Multi-Threaded Interfacing
UTAustinX edX 2018
UTAustinX UT.6.10x: Embedded Systems - Shape The World: Microcontroller Input/Output
UTAustinX edX 2018
UTAustinX UT.RTBN.12.01x: Real-Time Bluetooth Networks - Shape the World
UTAustinX edX 2018

Academic & Personal Projects

Blog style webpage for my personal notes, front-end implemented using HTML5 and jQuery and back-end implemented with Node.js


Automatic Vehicle Location System (AVL)

System to locate a vehicle based on an 8-bit microcontroller and a GPS module.





Traveling, movies, concerts, music festivals...

I like to learn about new technologies and taking online courses about different topics. I also enjoy reading about science, coding, cryptocurrencies, music, pop culture, etc.